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Sarah Nathan: A Bevy of Copyright Infringements to choose from

April 4, 2014

I didn’t realize there were so many different types of copyright infringement! Harrington dedicates the entire first part of Chapter 18 to describing in detail the variety of circumstances that may come up with your copyright is infringed upon. I suppose when I thought of infringement, I always imagined some hapless blogger pulling the images for the background of a post or something. But even one of your own clients could infringe upon your copyright by using an image past the licensing period or using it in a manner in which it was not originally intended. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that there are so many varieties of copyright infringement, but I was.

One question I’m left with though is, how do you find out these kinds of things? The internet is such a vast space and if people aren’t crediting your work when they steal it, it seems like it could be impossible to find these things. Sure, if it’s a preexisting client that would be much easier to find, but if it’s some anonymous pirate in the information ether, how do you find the infringement? 

Thoughts, anyone?

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